Tiger White is lurking in the undergrowth and ready to pounce.  Like it’s animated namesake, the drink is vivacious, rare and exotic.  Not currently seen in the UK landscape, this drink has the potential to tear apart the health drink market.  Like any rare breeding programme, Tiger White now needs investment and committed support to make sure it becomes the king of the supermarket shelves.

Inspired by the classic Spanish drink, horchata de chufa, Tiger White is a refreshing dairy/soya alternative that can form a valuable addition to a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.  At it’s height Tiger White was available in Tesco’s, Sainsburys, Budgens, Booths, Fresh & Wild, Planet Organic and hundreds of independent health food shops. Other major multiples were also lined up to sell Tiger White.

Tiger White was consistently popular amongst the consumers and supermarket buyers who tried it.  The problem for a small independent company such as my own (with no funds) was the financial cost of advertising and promoting Tiger White to the wider public. In 2004 – 2005 sales were good but not high enough for the minimum quantities that needed to be ordered from Spain.

Tiger White was featured on ITV This Morning (see clip below) and most of the popular press.  Explore this website for more information and please contact me if you want to purchase the Tiger White business or would like some horchata advice.  If you would like to buy horchata online and have it delivered to your door, visit my buy page for information.

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